As a "Youth Ale Certified Company", we were interviewed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Stepworld is certified as Kurumin mark due to its support to families raising children, and balanced child raising and work time.
Official Monitor Britney Hamada's marriage has been announced.
3/14 Decided to take part in 2nd CHINA&JAPAN BUYERS EXPO.@TOKYO
Meridian Esthetic Salon "Uruhashi" won Third Prize on "2019 Number of Reservation Ranking" of Ozmall
Registered as a member of Japan slimming Beauty Association
Acquired membership of Japan Association of New Economy
Official monitor Britney Hamada succeed in postpartum diet was featured in news
Meridian Esthetic Salon “Uruhashi” won First Prize on “First Half of 2018 Popular Ranking Slimming Esthetic Section” in Ozmall Relaxation Salon
Attended congruence company briefings for applicants looking to be hired after graduating in KURETAKE Medical vocational school
Released 「REVENUS Body Gel」
Began collecting monitor of folic acid supplement 「Babyfine」
Recognized as Youth Ale Company by cultivating and hiring young staff actively.
Official monitor of「Babyfine」,Britney Hamada’s recent state was broadcasted by Fuji television’s “Nonstop” program.
Meridian Esthetic Salon “Uruhashi” won prize of “Ozmall Award 2018”.
The releasing scene of 「Babyfine」was featured in Fuji television’s 「Mezamashi Television」 and other multiple media
Released folic acid supplement 「BabyFine」
Renewal of official website
Due to the New Year’s holiday season, we will close from 2017/12/30 to 2018/1/3.
The number of Meridian Esthetic Salon “Uruhashi” customers exceed 4,000.
Work coexist with Caring promotion activities
Opened Meridian Esthetic Salon Uruhasi in Ebisu,Shibuya.
Put solar power generation systems into operation in Asahi,Chiba.
Relocated its headquarters to 17th Floor Prime Square Ebisu, 1-1-39, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Acquired privacy certification.
Put solar power generation systems into operation in Hokota,Ibaraki.
Put solar power generation systems into operation in Inashiki,Ibaraki.