Areas of business

Product development
We have developed over 100 products in eleven years with a focus on health foods and cosmetic products.
We have released hit products including the forerunner of the enzyme boom,「Biteki 90 Sen Vegelife Enzyme Liquid」. We are committed to designing products with functionality and attractive features such as celebrity branding.
Mail-order sales
Since 2003, we have been developing a mail-order business with a wide range of channels, from e-commerce to TV shopping and various paper-based media, and focused on PREMIUM SHOPPING, our mail-order website boasting 270,000 members.
We have gained expertise in LP production, advertisement publishing and CRM.
Staff qualified as obesity-prevention health managers and diet advisers are available before and after purchase so that customers can select products with a full understanding and are provided with comprehensive after-sales service for mail-order sales as well, where they cannot meet shop staff or examine products in person.
Our own products are carried by many distributors, such as major drugstores, variety shops, home appliance shops, and duty-free shops.
We have a wide range of users, including those who cannot be reached via the Internet.
We have received offers from many buyers at exhibitions and business gatherings, and our wholesale business is expanding to overseas markets, mainly in Asia.
With the experience gained from our mail-order business, we provide sales promotion materials that can help retailers expand sales substantially.
We welcome distribution partners with any sales channels inside or outside Japan. Please feel free to contact us for quotes and other information.
Our beauty salon
We operate a Meridian beauty salon Uruhasi in the Ebisu area of Tokyo. Since its opening, Uruhasi has attached importance to reliable treatment techniques, thorough counseling and hospitality, and it receives many visitors every day, being a new salon in the area.
Its own product, 「Uruhasi Oil」, lavishly protects the health and beauty of its customers with its advanced all-hand technique, bringing out their individual beauty.
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  • uruhasi写真
Solar power generation
We have also developed a solar power generation business, allowing us to gain a stable income from electricity sales while working to conserve the environment.
It is in operation at our four facilities in Hokota,Ibaraki, Inashiki,Ibaraki, Bando,Ibaraki, and Asahi,Chiba.