Areas of business

  • Product development

    Our company has developed and released more than 100 items in the past, mainly in beauty health related products .A wide range of popular product lineups are available, and they are widely recognized by the whole industry.

  • Mail-order sales

    We develop our E-commerce business as lauching an online shopping website named "Premium Shopping".
    Even if the product itself can be barely seen by the customer when shopping onlnine, we still try our best to allow customers to select satisfying products. Also, we are keeping up with afer-sales follow-up.

  • Wholesale

    Original items planned by our company are widely distributed to major drug stores · variety shops · mass merchandisers.It covers a wide range of users who can not reach by Internet alone.Many buyers also received inquiries at exhibitions and business meetings, and they are expanding rapidly not only in Japan but also overseas, especially in Asia.

  • Our beauty salon

    We operate a Meridian beauty salon Uruhasi in the Ebisu area of Tokyo. Since its opening, Uruhasi has attached importance to reliable treatment techniques, thorough counseling and hospitality, and it receives many visitors every day, being a new salon in the area.
    Its own product, 「Uruhasi Oil」, lavishly protects the health and beauty of its customers with its advanced all-hand technique, bringing out their individual beauty.

  • Solar power generation

    We have also developed a solar power generation business, allowing us to gain a stable income from electricity sales while working to conserve the environment.
    It is in operation at our four facilities in Hokota,Ibaraki, Inashiki,Ibaraki, Bando,Ibaraki, and Asahi,Chiba.